Sunshine and Pearls

I decided I want to be Carrie for Halloween.

Why Carrie? Um...why not?  Carrie is perfection because she is so beautifully flawed and I will admit--I am obsessed with her the best way.   I want to do the tutu from the opening scene.  I will do the tank.  I will do the wavy messy hair.  I will alter it only slightly opting for the beautifully layered pearl look that she gave with  her hanging engagement ring.  So I shall be Carrie.

I was also looking at fashion blogs today, pretty much all day and started to contemplate my own style.   What is my style?  All in all I think most people would  say I am normally very put together.  I like classic things. I do not like busy patterns and prints (unless of course it is polka dots...or houndstooth...or burberry plaid...or gingham...or zebra or cheetah). Even then, those are very calm prints.  I like bold colors. RED. BLACK. GREY. COGNAC.  I prefer that to brown which makes everyone make a face. Plus I don't mean brown, I mean cognac.

I love to feel pretty, to be pretty. I like my hair done and my nails trimmed and manicured.  I like to wear lipstick and dark sunglasses.  I like coats.  I like to appear on purpose even when I am not.  There comes a time when you have to just accept certain truths about yourself and those are mine.  I like to dress intentionally.

I like shoes that do not pinch my baby toe.

I like shoes that are comfortable that I can be in all day without thought.  I prefer to wear heels, but am practical enough to consider other options.  I will never wear tennis shoes with my work attire.

I like scarves and chignons.

I like Kate Spade. Marchesa. Tom Ford.  YSL.  I will never buy any of them full price.

I believe in quality handbags and one day will own vintage Hermes luggage.  I want to travel to Africa and wear braids down to my waist with a cranberry lip and ivory bangles.  I want to go to Greece and wear flowy white maxi dresses with big hats and lapis earrings.   I want to be draped in orange and purple in flight to Phuket.

And I don't see anything wrong with knowing all of that.  That is my style.  Careful. Methodical.  Planned.  But ready.

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