Erykah Badu


On and on...I've kept it moving in what can only be described as vanilla Thursday. Thursday, like Canada, is peeking over at a really great party. You can hear the music, feel the exciting pulse of the weekend and yet, its completely unattainable and not only that, the taste of the air is...vanilla.  There's life, there's flavor...but its not the one you crave at midnight or the one you reach for when given 31 choices. Today Terri had me repeat (and later said to me):

I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. Word of the word.

The 3rd line reverberated throughout my body like ave maria must the Sistine. This is the current cause of anxiety for me and mostly because my true self and my ego self are at odds. Ego is feeling threatened and defensive. And is acting out, causing doubt and uncertainty where I thought I was clear. Ego is kicking up mud in my still water.

It feels like there is this HUGE choice to be made about the rest of my life, right now. When I heard this line though, I know how I serve, it pulled me back to my source and back to my purpose. One foot in front of the other. On and on, and on and on.


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