Likely unlikely, another tale of noncoincidence

I've had a fun few days.  Birthday party, dinners, road trip, good friends, but of course the thing that always gets me is good conversation.  First... There was a major power outage here in SD (and AZ and Mexico!) Thursday night, so bad that the entire city was pitch black with few exception, the airport being one of them.  After I got out of my meeting, I hit up Fenway and we headed down to CR's place to drink beer and chill.

Sidebar...there will be quite a few of these...but I absolutely love CR's place.   There's the obvious, because it is atop a hill, has a great view of the bay and of the airport, lots of natural light, and a gas stove.  Then there are the intangibles, it feels so comfortable.  Maybe its the blankets everywhere or the couch made for curling up, I'm not sure...but to date this is my favorite spot in San Diego.

Determined to tolerate like beer, I popped open a Bud Light and we three sat and dissected our first impressions of our new Grad School classes and jobs.  The thing that probably got me the most was when CR mentioned that this is the first time he has ever had to work and go to school simultaneously. I was more shocked than anything, because I guess I just assumed that everyone worked at least some kind of odd part time job while in college.  It taught me a lesson though, because can you imagine the first time ever having to learn the time management tightrope walk in Graduate school!? I felt really bad because its overwhelming.  I mean its overwhelming for those who have  done it, let alone those who are just learning.

I got to learn a bit more about CR because we, along with his roommate *thinks of appropriate alias* Clark Kent (YES!!!!!) rode to LA together.  Its about a two hour drive from here, and I was wondering how pleasant it would be and I must say I was overwhelmingly surprised.  They are both so hilarious and very good company.  Just now, before I got out of the car Clark and I were discussing hints and how men receive them.  He said, "Nooo men aren't bad at getting hints we're just trying not to acknowledge them. When he wants to see them, he does and when he doesn't he will act like he doesn't get it." Men...folly genius! That age old "he's just not that into you" was booming through my head.  Backing up, I named CR's roomie Clark Kent because he totally fits the bill, dark hair, glasses, the whole nerdy cute guy thing going which I am always a fan of, and he wants to be a writer, Clark Kent was TOTALLY a journalist *dusts off shoulder*.  Both of them are such cool guys though, and funnily enough I liked them both immediately.  That's how the best things in life happen, I think.

Last night I had a really weird dream, the gist of it was, I was being chatted up by a guy and he was famous.  He was not what I expected him to be, at all, but I still found myself being intrigued enough by the bits and pieces of himself he revealed.  A few nights ago I had another dream but it was about Demps, and in it he told me "You deserve more than you demand in relationships," and he gave me a kiss.  It wasn't like a romantic thing, it was like an on the cheek, friendly, comforting thing.  When I was talking to Cleo about it the next day I told her that I know I'm guilty of this mindset that I don't deserve certain things.  I have been steadily working at moving out of that mindset, because I believe that the more you demand, the more things rise to the occasion.

In talking to Clark I really think, though, that its about time I got back on my exercise regime.  There's nothing worst than talking about what you used to be able to do.  I don't want the strongest I've been to be in high school.  My idea of hard work needs to change.

Happy days behind, happy days ahead.  I love meeting good people. I have a very strong feeling that those friendships will last indefinitely.


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