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Portrait taken by Gerson Lopes


how can i help you become your best self? 

When you look in the mirror, does the reflection staring back at you feel like a very familiar stranger? Are you living the life you deserve to live? Are you going through a major life transition and want help to move forward with intention and purpose? My services are about helping you work towards congruence; reconciling who you see with who you were born to be.

Utilizing many of the tenants of therapeutic counseling, I will work with clients to decrease the voices of fear, shame and judgement, become attuned to your own needs and desires and learn to honor your True Self in every facet of your life. What I offer in my sessions is a pathway to learn not only how to listen to your inner voice, but to trust that voice faithfully. Our work together will be collaborative, empathic and authentic.

My way of working with clients is unique and no-two sessions are the same. Your coaching will be individualized and largely intuitive but always intentional.  I am blessed to have clairvoyant psychic abilities, synesthesia which allows me to see and translate energy, and strong medium powers which allow me to serve as an intermediary between our spiritual and material worlds. I use my gifts in my work, but at my discretion. Energy work is extremely sacred, sensitive and requires high levels of concentration, therefore you will see a difference in energetic services pricing as it accounts for emotional labor.  

Coaching sessions and packages available here. Schedule an informational intake session to learn more about how we can work together to help you become the very best version of yourself.