Ten (or so) things that are of chief importance to me:

  1. To be the kind of person living the kind of life that I can be proud of. I want to be able to look myself in the eye every morning and every evening. I want to do my best, even if for that day it just means I get through it.
  2. Everything I create is a fractal of my relationship with Source energy. I am not so foolish as to believe in my own purpose, but that God put me here to act in service of a higher purpose. My job is to remain open, because I am but a vessel.
  3. Everything and everyone is connected. My mother recently made the observation that I rarely get angry at people, even when they deserve my anger. I guess I just always think people make sense in their context. And I try to be understanding of that. I suppose I always have. Plus, I think not much gets accomplished with anger except I can recognize it as an opening for healing. We have the power to heal one another because of our connections. There is a reason people get under your skin or ignite your bones, do not try to keep people out, learn from them. At least that's what I try to do as much as I can.
  4. Love is boundaryless. I know for me when I allow someone in and I truly love them, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for them. Even when I don't like them very much at the time. Love is continual forgiveness. I forgive you for not being the person I imagined you to be, and I am grateful for who you are.
  5. Life is always talking to you, it is your job to listen. I used to say that first life whispers then it talks then it yells then it screams. And I wanted to get to the place  where I could listen at the whisper. I am not there yet. And in many ways I feel my rape was life screaming at me. Discerning learning from blame, it happened to me therefore I have every right to question why and to make meaning of it as I do with all things, all opportunities or losses or interactions or events.
  6. You always know. And
  7. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Try as best you can to give yourself credit for knowing you best. You are the expert on you. That is not to say don't learn vicariously or take advice, but even the advice you receive either lands or misses. If it misses then it wasn't meant for you to follow at that time. Forgive yourself also for not being the human you previously assumed yourself to be AND be grateful for the human that you are.
  8. Timing is everything. I believe that God doesn't do almost or halfway. That is evidenced by nature. And every adjustment or adaptation in nature is for a larger purpose that rarely makes sense at the time. But there is a synchronicity that is unspoken yet vital to sustaining. There's never any doubt in flowers blooming or the sun rising, so why should there be doubt in us? I trust that what is meant for me is mine in its due time. It is frustrating for me to wait because I am impatient and impulsive, but at my core I know what will be will be.
  9. Love (which is to say forgiveness and gratitude) heals all wounds. Time is just you getting to the point of forgiveness and gratitude.
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