When something wakes you

I woke up with my phone in my hand and a message from Zachary. My dream lead me to message my sister. I couldn't risk being right. My clairvoyance has been strong the past two days. Seeing things just before they happen. Knowing the order of the songs playing on the radio. Sensing who was around the corner before they'd taken their first step. Rather than respond to the message I told him that. I'd been pulling something I needed towards myself for the past two weeks. Today before I even closed my eyes I had the thought or rather the know that it had arrived. However, it was completely covered in concrete. I had not specified the ease in it's availability. And still I knew it would open when it should. This is a lesson in trusting timing I asserted to myself. It is here. Don't panic. Be patient.

I gather from the two events that my recent revelation is on the money. When I opened myself up to the truth about my calling, I seemingly opened myself up to the gifts that will allow me to best do the work. Now, Ty, I'm standing on the side of the [ocean] shouting to the silver of the full moon "YES!"

Day2DayJess J.Comment