How to make a dream come true

20140515-064805.jpgI was looking through old photos yesterday, preemptively preparing for "Throwback Thursday" on insta when I came across a picture of my freshman year wall. See, I didn't start college at Tennessee, I transferred there and I guess I'd forgotten about covering my wall in insignia but the photo struck a chord. I've been manifesting things for a long time even unknowingly. To create a visual representation of what I want, and then to "pull" that thing into my life is not uncommon for me. I just never called the practice by it's name until recently. My old co-worker and friend Maggie would note how uncanny it was that I have the most incredible things happen to me or friends have remarked on how I "always get what I want." Of course the next natural question is how...

I'm really big into setting an intention (a goal or a will) and then pulling (energetically summoning) it to me. I call it pulling because that's what it feels like only not physically but spiritually. The process of all of this is manifesting. It is complete when your will is seen into fruition. I can come up with way too many examples of it in my life (moving to San Diego, meeting Oprah...) but that's not the point of this. The point is that even when I didn't know it, I was firm on the laws of attraction.

My dear friend EmmJ and I have been discussing manifesting a lot lately. We both feel compelled to share our experiences and knowledge surrounding it with others. So many people want to know how it's done and really want to be coached through creating the lives they dream of. At first I thought there was no sustainability in this. "It's easy you just focus on what you want and pull it to you!" Then I remember the words of an old co-worker: "The things that are easy or come naturally to you are not always natural for someone else, those are your gifts." Perhaps this thing that I do really can help people, and perhaps I can help them learn how?

There is so much evidence that I've been here before. Because when I stumble onto a knowing or an insight and it feels right, my entire body tingles. It is as if my previous beings are saying "YES! YES! You're on the right path for this lifetime!" It is soul affirmation.

So maybe I'm not new to this. Maybe I'm meant to do this. Maybe my finding out that my practice, albeit unintentional, has been present in my life for over a decade is a clue (if I think it is, it is). Maybe there is something to it. Maybe this is the way that I get to be of service. There goes the tingle...

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