Borrowed Words Vol. 1 Ch. 1

I'd never had a guest blogger before, so imagine my surprise when my friend reached out to me and asked to do a guest post.  She asked me what my "requirements" were and I kind of chuckled and told her I didn't have any.  My only advice, if you can call it that, was that people tend to respond when you tell the truth.  That being said, here are her words...borrowed from her heart placed in my space. 


I had a dream

And you weren’t in it.

I searched for you

But could not find you.

I felt lost.

I felt a loss.

I was empty -

Heart was racing.

I was frantic.

Couldn’t stop pacing

Back and forth from where I thought you could be

To where I wanted you to be.

My world became dim.

Very little light came in.

I don’t know my up from down,


You, my king, are nowhere to be found.

I cry out for you

But see, there’s no vibration of my chords.

I’m voiceless. I’m mute.

You took me with you.

Wherever you are,

You took me with you.

I am my spirit. My soul is me.

She is me. You are he. He is me. I am you. I am he.

You have she.

I want and need you. I want and need me!

Come back…

Alarm sounds.

I come to and see

You never left.

Never again leave me, even if in a dream.

This was the worst nightmare


Are my dream

Borrowed WordsJess J.Comment