Surprise: A word and other lessons

I dreamed about surprise. I knew immediately when I woke up it would be my word of 2014. What I didn't know, or realize rather, was how much I absolutely hate surprises. In 2013, I learned that your life is what you make it. Shortly before the year began I made a vow to not complain about money nor give it the power I'd previously given it over my mood. As a result, 2013 was probably one of my most financially successful years. Establishing credit, buying a car, traveling and living the life I wanted all came at the helm of having the audacity to believe it was easy, and for me.

My word was surrender but when I think, I'd have to say I surrendered to the full knowledge of the power of intention. We attract our lives to us. Having crossed off so many small goals in 2013 I hesitated before setting new ones. Things too big scared me silent and things too small insulted my inner Olympian. So, instead I asked for surprise. To really be able to live in right now. To handle the unexpected. To receive the unsolicited.

My first surprise was finding out P2AD was dating someone. It sent me into a tailspin. I'm not quite sure how he ever handled me dating, but for two days I've been obsessing. Until finally I had to ask myself what I was going to do, how was I going to choose to face this situation? Its still unfolding, but I will warn, it requires me surprising myself.

And speaking of surprises, I decided to make 5 resolutions for the year. 5...its an important number for me right now, and '14 (1+4=5) so it seemed right. 1. To read.  2. To appraise my writing worth. 3. To fall in love. 4. To learn tennis. 5. To begin and end each day at peace.

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