It wasn't until I looked up at the stars that night on the terrazzo that I realized how long it had been since I'd seen them. There in front of me was the belt of Orion... Oh from the valley I look to the mountain to find my only way out. Follow the light from the Belt of Orion. Days later back at home I lay in my bed, wet with emotion and wishing for light. Breathing air on the other side of the wall... I did not realize I existed in such ivy covered walls. The life of the green on my fingertips tricking me into believing I'm alive when in actuality I'm cold and hardened, like the wall. Ivy may as well start to grow around me, too. But here I am having crossed at least one threshold. Emotions mixed, I look back at the three stars...the three. The belt was fit like a noose around my neck because I tried to make love a remedy, a cure for an ailment only treatable with time.

And now? The only other star I know is actually Jupiter. It pulsates in the thick blanket of sky, beating like a heart full of wonder and living. Where might Jupiter lead me? Beyond those vined walls is infinite horizon, and as my eyes adjust, I wrap my arms around myself and set off not expecting Anything but ready if and when it comes.

Day2DayJess J.Comment