Sixty something days...

391722_10101049817898405_318909765_nI chopped my hair off on September 30th. Like...all of it. I had maybe half an inch of hair and I wish I'd taken the photo with my hand in it so you could see how there was NO WAY to put my hands IN my hair. I wrote about this and I've been getting messages from natural hair enthusiasts congratulating me and validating my decision. I chuckle because I've been completely chemical/relaxer free for 4 years now.. In any case here we are two months later and I've posted virtually NO updates about my hair growth. c'est moiWell...last month was a bit anticlimactic.  I also nearly forgot and the only picture I have is one I snapped at work one random day when trying to get my webcam set up.   I'm not smiling and I look mean...but whatever its supposed to be about the hair, right? Anyway, so here I am bare-faced with lipgloss (my usz) and completely confused about what to do with my hair, so what I was doing was washing it at night, brushing it back and tying it down.  I was essentially giving myself a fro-y helmet.  Awesome. I started going back to natural hair blogging sites to read what other BC-ers did and were doing to not get bored with their looks.  I eventually ended up going back to wigs when I got bored because, well...there's not much that can happen when your hair is an inch or so long.

FxCam_1354897738242_edit0But then *bells and whistles*  IT GREW! I seriously feel like this happened over night. I was sitting on my couch watching TV when I started twirling my hair around my finger mindlessly. It was then that I realized I was twirling my hair around my finger!  I twisted my hair up in two strand twists and actually wore the twists out one day! Then the next day decided I hated how I looked with the twists and deleted all ocular evidence.  In any case, its growing. My mom remarked that my hair has always grown pretty fast. The thing that excites me, well the three things are:


1.  My hair is growing back straight up 4C hair.  This is fine with me--because last time it was such a mixture of curl patterns (3C in back and 4C in crown) and honestly even if its 4c, I'll take it because it seems to be much more uniform this year than it ever has been before.

2. It is certainly not thin or "whispy". One of the reasons I hated twists before was because my hair was SO thin and when I did twists they were always scalpy and awful looking. This time, I did twists and I didn't hate it (until the day after) mostly because it looked full! The thing that I really loved about the twist was the day after twistOUT! It was amazeballs, but my hair was dirty and needed to be washed. That hasn't changed. My hair still requires washing 2x/week at LEAST or it is not happy.

3. I love that I BC'd after already being natural because I know how much heat-damage sucks so I'm staying away from it.

Me in a lace front

When I want straight hair, I'll throw a wig on. Furthermore, I know what products work best for me. I know not to spend a ton of money on all the things other people say works for them, etc. I have coconut oil, and some KCKT. I shampoo/condition with Organix coconut milk and that is IT. I do want to get some honey and ACV because my hair loves those when the air is dry, but I am content. It works and since I've already done the mid-length thing I'll know what to do when I get there. I have to say, I love where it is right now though. Short is so easy, but I do miss my big curly fro. I'll be happy when I get back there...but no rush. No rush.