The pre-Petition

Usually when I petition to the universe it has come at the helm of some great change or some great realization. I have only done three in roughly three years. I just did the third last month and yet, I feel ready for another. this is the pause before petition. I explained to My Person that god has been answering prayers lately so let me be careful in my requests. I am always a bit turned around by prayer. We are supposed to be specific in our requests and yet each ends with "Thy will be done," which may completely undo that specific request. I usually find that I cannot articulate exactly what I want, but I have the feeling I want to feel. I know the places that need work.

Walking in the sunshine yesterday, I wondered if the new path that A--my usual life twin--is on is one I'll be on soon, as well. The thought of that makes me uneasy.  I wish it didn't, that's some of the work.

Its been not even a full month but I'm not the same me I was then. I think of the response to cutting my hair off. People have loved it, but more...I have loved it. There hasn't been one day I've been tempted to cover it up or try something else. I am completely happy with me. I really really am.

So why petition? Because I know a shift is coming, and I want to be able to stay in perfect peace through it. The change is still far off, but I can feel it moving in, I smell the difference in the air and nature tells me something is coming. I am choosing to listen far earlier than I ever have before.

Today I meditate, tomorrow I petition.

Day2DayJess J.Comment