One reason I could always distinguish myself from being a true "Carrie" was because rather than being obsessed with Paris, I have always been more of a Capri. I suppose that's the thing about living in a beach town, you realize just how much you miss the city. image

I love the lights, the pace, the dress, the glamour, the nightlife, the pulse, and the sense of adventure that lends an "anything can happen" attitude to life. There are definitely things to love about the beach, but I am coming to realize its a place I'd much rather visit than reside near. I love occasions. I like knowing when I go to work, I can wear a smart blazer or nice heels. I look forward to happy hours and cocktail parties and clubs where jeans are shunned. Let me assure you this is the exception, not the rule out here. I was talking to a friend and she said, "yeah its a beautiful place but without good people..." Earlier that day her best friend said California was the loneliest place she had ever lived. Just three east coast/Southern girls bitching about too much sunshine not enough warmth. There is something about it here...its just... let's just say I wont be dropping anchor here. So my switch, from Capri the easy breezy island in Italy to the fashion-filled, romantic, city of lights. Plus ever since Midnight in Paris I have been obsessed with it. That city and the one Carrie loved feel like two different places but both just filled with promise. Yes, that's the perfect word. So I sent my Person a text and said, "you're in charge of making sure he proposes in Paris." Let's be honest, I am dramatic. I like fanfare but soft classic fanfare, think layers of pearls not a huge honking diamond. I told Mara that it was time to start being the me I saw in my head. And that me embraces her outlandish dreams. She does not accept the word no. She is fun, charming, honest, lively, and loving. I am fun, charming, honest, lively, and loving. I am a city girl. Give me lights, give me concrete, give me beauty, give me Paris.