First, I have been doing Deepak Chopra's 21 day meditation challenge. I've already described many instances of seeing things while meditating, usually having to do with rivers and something that flies. This was markedly different. As I layed in shavasana I mentally said to myself, I will focus on my breathing the entire time.  Which, of course, is difficult. Trying to describe the things that occur during meditation are also difficult, but this is a valiant attempt. I smell honeysuckle on my inhale. Its not the exact scent, but it is sweet air in the same way honey flavors the wind. So on my inhale, hum on the exhale I repeat the "I am" mantra and I notice I feel warm.  No, not just warm, but hot. I mentally note the practical impossibility as I am in a tank top and shorts under a ceiling fan, but regardless of physical realities I began to warm to the point of sweating.  I could feel the moistness of my palms and I made myself return to breath, so...hum...then the twitching. Let me interrupt myself and note two things, one, my hands twitch sometimes when I am feeling strong connections so this wasn't necessarily foreign to me. Secondly, earlier that day I had the thought, something is coming. As my hands twitched, the arms, then a strange pull around the base of my spine and my abdominals, I tried especially hard to return to breath because I thought perhaps I was doing this to myself...unknowingly. Creating some grand phenomenon. Why am I such a doubter still?!

Afterwards, I felt energized or rather...somehow ready. Moreso than usual after meditation which leaves me calm and almost lethargic, typically. Also, I kept touching my body to see if the warmth could be felt, again, as if I hadn't just experienced it I needed more proof.  I got up and goggled "warmth and twitching during meditation" and was struck by the results:

Kundalini awakening is neither dangerous nor uncommon. The underlying philosophy that informs our thinking on the kundalini is that we hide our power in the one place we would never think of looking for it,in our body. Then when the time is right,and not before,this power awakens and starts us on the journey to the meta-physical,to a place beyond the body. It is synonymous with the first three chakras,see red and orange and yellow which are known as the kundalini chakras,and,as you know,pertain to the physical,life in the body. Kundalini is inseparable from sexual energy.

The kundalini is our core energy. It is said to lie at the base of our being, the very bottom of the spine, or the first chakra, and remains dormant until you experience a kundalini awakening. Its ‘awakening’ is another way of describing what we might call higher consciousness, or Christ consciousness. The most common way to experience the kundalini is a tingling feeling at the bottom of the spine, which gradually rises up until it enters the head (but this is not the only way). An apt and oft-used metaphor for the kundalini is the serpent, coiled at the bottom of the spine, remaining asleep until the soul wishes to advance.

That was it, I knew it instantly.

The next day I woke up, meditated, and felt good but nothing as notable as the night before. And I headed off to class. As I sat in my intimate class of 14 I remember experiencing people differently. A woman who served as a trigger for me just one day prior suddenly became a source of learning.  I literally had the thought, there is so much I have to learn from this woman. Almost immediately afterwards I thought, where in the hell did THAT come from?! And that's how my day went...feeling detached and also very much aware and empathetic and even connected at the same time.

I intend to write an actual post processing my thoughts actions and feelings since the awakening. However for now, let's just sit in the fact that it even happened because honestly I am still trying to make sense of it all.