My Favorite Flavor

This might sound weird, but I seriously never thought I had a type.  Not until tonight when I was oogling over Stuart Scott thinking how good he looks in a suit.  Now that much I knew, I knew I liked men in suits--when I got my palm read an she claimed I would marry a man in finance the only good thing I could pull from that is that he would wear a suit and read the paper.  The two things I found as common threads between literally every single man I have ever dated (or oogled) is that they have been athletic and articulate. LeBron is a no-brainer. He looks so good in his clothes and speaks so clearly and eloquently (and he didn't go to college so its not even about formal education, necessarily).  I am obsessed with him.  Then I floated through my old flames. Deeds was definitely intelligent, well-spoken and played soccer...P2AD is literally one of the smartest people I know and is a runner. E knows a lot about a wide-assortment of things, crazy well read and does MMA.  I could go on but we'll just stop at the big3.

I even made myself laugh because I've had a recent thing for Common, I traced it back to seeing him with Queen Latifah in Just Wright my thoughts went something like: Ooooh he's athletic and he likes thick girls, holla!  I loved that movie, and that's really not even my kind of flick, to be honest and while I know that "Common" wasn't the one I found so attractive, it upped his stock in my book anyway.

And its not about them being cute, or fine, or even sexy...the attractiveness just skyrockets when a man can teach me something--be it mentally or physically.

I've been thinking that I want to learn something new.  Maybe get back into piano lessons or learn how to play tennis or get into spinning.  Just something.  I'm craving a challenge.

Anyway so I suppose its good to know what I like...well its good to be aware of what I like.  Its also very interesting to see that I have already been attracting and entertaining this type of man, even though each of them has been very different despite their similarities.  Just interesting...