What Tyree taught me about being a grown-up

I've known BFFT for about 8 years now (wow, really?!) And I swear to you that in our first few encounters I would have not figured we'd be such good friends today. Not because he was rude, well he is, but simply because he was definitely just the life of the party. But I didn't really know him well. I guess it wasn't until my senior year when we reconnected (how, I don't remember) and his ex dubbed us as best friends. We both laughed at her assertion, but the title stuck and I guess we just began to act accordingly. If nothing else, when I need sobering honesty, I call Ty.  He never sugar coats or beats around the bush...this is also why I don't call him until I am ready for that kind of harsh reality.

About a month or so ago, Tyree and I started to seriously discuss him proposing to his girlfriend. I was over-the-moon excited because I adore her, and have seen him grow so much in the time they have been dating. I have never seen him be as generous, protective, honest, and loving to anyone before.

A long time ago Ty told me that sometimes the perfect person is the one who will stick in there with you.  I heard it...but then to see him embody that was something else. I guess its different this time because to see how love can change a man is so amazing.

What I learned from him is: that its only hard when you fight it. When you find the one you want to be with, be with them. Laughter is necessary. Compromise isn't difficult when you want the same things. Men do what they feel 100% of the time. The right guy won't be afraid to commit, in fact he'll be happy to. Growing up doesn't have to be boring, but the definition of fun changes. Gardening makes more than flowers bloom. And lastly, the strongest of men still bow to the power of love.

To my bestie, my brother, my mirror I can't ignore...I keep saying I'm proud of you because I am. You made a good choice in B. I'm happy for you. I love you. And B made a good choice too :-)


editors note: I guess I should have entitled it "a grown up in love..." but see, only grown ups get married. And I see it as a sign of adult maturity when you Know and lock it down. I have a lot of admiration for both of them, and BFFT has definitely made it hard(er) for me to make excuses when it comes to love.