My Petition to the Universe Part II

Dear Universe, I want to live in one world, and to be clear the world I want to live in is one which is governed supremely by your will and my inner divinity. I have grown tired of living in two, the world of doubt, wonder, past and future, I want to dedicate the entirety of my being into certainty, faith, and right now.

I want to love from my soul to that of another's. I want that more than anything. I want to love without fear without hesitation, reservation, consolation, or ambiguity. I want a clear love, a prismatic love which holds in it every color in the rainbow and every possibility under God. In light our love splits and becomes many things, faithfulness honesty respect and kindness but we are always one. One and many, I want to hold the capacity for this without any consideration of why.

I want to be used to better this world. If it is my words then let them reach millions. If it is my heart then I give it freely. Call me in the direction of my purpose and I shall walk faithfully in its direction. Grant me the fortitude never to doubt the voice, nor the path, and to continue on in the way that is meant for me.

Most of all, help me to remember the ability to have all things lies within the confines of my infinite self. I need not crave success, I am success. I need not chase desire, I am desire. And as I direct my energy, so shall life be. Give me a steady recollection of this. I will always have exactly what I want.

Thank you, for as I've voiced my requests in my acknowledgment of them bears my receipt of them. And so, AMEN.