Things I said I never would

Well...this is probably the most dramatic (and melancholy) I have been in a long time. I told a guy the guy I loved him and haven't heard from him since. Everyone says to give it time...Fabio knew what I needed though

I mean...maybe its bad but I knew this would happen. I guess I thought we had grown up or something. And that maybe it would bear some resemblance to the way I'd pictured it in my head. No such luck.

I don't know if I wish I'd never said anything.  I would like to say that I don't regret it, but two days ago I could eat and sleep without issue and that is not the case right now.  I am in absolute knots.  I wandered around outside so long yesterday I got sunburned.  I just need my liveliness back.

I guess the thing that is the most confusing is that...didn't he say it first?

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