8 sweet gems

  1. I was reading Women's Health today and they were talking about the eating habits of Brooklyn Decker.  Cashews and goat cheese and air with hopes thrown in...it came to me that I am just never ever gonna be that girl.  And if it takes being that girl to be "fit" then I am always going to be short of that.  I like food, neigh, I love food.  I love good food--let me be clear.  Food that is shared with friends washed down with the appropriate beverage, in an atmosphere that feels as comfortable as your favorite spot on the sofa.  
  2. I am not Sisyphus.  When I get to a point in life when it feels that I am, I need to stop and remember who I am and who I am not.  
  3. I love my mother beyond words.  I can let a lot of things go in life but not having her to share things with feels all wrong.  She is my biggest supporter and I love her dearly.  
  4. If you plant it it will grow.  So I try to remember to plant the seeds of the things I want to come into fruition in my life.
  5. Sometimes all a girl wants is the be the small spoon. 
  6. I am so happy that I have such amazing friends around me, new and old.  I really am so incredibly proud of so many of them and find myself excited to see them blossom into such wonderful and productive (and positive) people.  I love seeing their career advancements, their families grow, their love catch fire, their passion be found...it is beautiful.  "And if I am a reflection of [them]..." 
  7. Surrender is sweet. 
  8. Audrey knew everything
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