I haven't believed in coincidence in quite some time, I instead give every ounce of credit to the divine.  Yesterday I got three tidbits of great news.

  1. I got the news that I can stay in my current position.  Why is this news?  Well in the wonderful world of higher education there are a lot of politics, and while I do not want to even pretend to understand all of the 'tics that were affecting my current position just know that my office was being "restructured" and I was unsure as to if my position would even be available under the new structure.  All that being said, I was told that I could stay.
  2. I got an email saying that I was selected to be apart of a select group of students who gets to actually meet the His Holiness the Dalai Lama when he comes in a few weeks.  Why is this news?  If you don't understand the importance of being able to personally met arguably one of the most influential and spiritual leaders in our world today then you just don't get me.  I am not sure why it happened (I like to think that it happened because of many deep cosmic reasons that will be revealed to me when we speak) but I do know how it happened.  Could it really be anything other than the divine that offers me both the Dalai Lamaa meeting about my Sri Lanka/India trip, and a spiritual retreat within 3 days of my 28th birthday.  If you've been reading for a while then you know how excited I have been about my birthday, for reasons that I just couldn't put my finger on quite yet.  Something is coming. So much wonderful has been revealed to me since I made a conscious effort to stop complaining and instead start saying "Thank you," every opportunity I get.
  3. Lastly, I got offered the position for the job I applied for with Graduate Admissions and Outreach.  I haven't yet accepted the position because of news #1, but I feel very strongly that there is where I need to be.  I had to get out of my head and let it sit.  I had to "introduce the opposite" to make sure that this decision was the right one for me and when I woke up this morning I knew it was what I wanted.

I just feel so overwhelmingly connected to the divine and so grateful for all the things flowing into my life.  As my heart is filled I hope that in everything I do or say to others that they feel the residual of that connection.  "Ironic" that I named this post blossoming as it suddenly feels very right to spend my morning in the flower fields in north county.  I think it is time to spend QT with nature and thank her personally for all that she is doing for me right now.  All the gifts that are being revealed and tell her that I am open to all the things she has in store for me.  I feel like I am opening, like the sun has been massaging my petals gently waking me and now I am finally ready to open with my heart facing the light.  And for all of that, I am so at peace, so in love, and so very thankful.

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