That's not your concern!

I just awoke from a dream, and in that dream I was listed on a Forbes list. I was young, or at least I looked young in my dream (as in no visible signs of aging so maybe up to 40?) And I was discussing it with an accountant of mine. We were laughing at the hoopla of it all.When I woke up, sadly, that's when the doubt literally flooded my mind. "Why would YOU be in Forbes magazine?!" "You're working towards 6 figures in loan debt!" "What can you do that will produce a fortune worthy of recognition by Forbes?" I mean it all came in, so forcibly so that I had to wonder if I am normally my own biggest hater! Because I gave myself the third damn degree...and just for dreaming. Though, I must say, I know in my heart what I saw was not a dream.

I silenced my inner hater skeptic by gently stating that none of that was any of my concern. I continue to believe that the universe is lobbying on behalf of my success. It will come as the result of my energy being focused on the things my heart responds to. I will do my work thoroughly and with grace and the successes will come. I have always had this figure in my head...2.3million. One year that will make sense to me. A salary...a check...I don't know which but it is coming and I know it just as certainly as I know my eyes are brown. The how is none of my concern. I do promise my Self this, that when I speak to others about the root of my successes I will attribute it to foolish love and a stubborn hold on the power of my imagination. I want people to see the impossible just as clearly as they did when they were 6 years old, and then grab it. Thats soul work there...our infinite and limitless selves, our divine selves, their vision must be crystal clear and we have to let them get us there. So I must first make my life a testament to my beliefs.