Freshman year again times three

Do you remember how Freshman year you were friends with everybody? Friends didn't begin to taper off immediately, but sure enough dozens would fall by the waste side. A few hangers on would make it through spring semester but the true sign of friendship would be surviving the first summer.Maybe its because this is the third "freshman year" experience, but it happened a whole lot sooner, I am not exactly surprised but a little bit dismayed. As I approach my summer I see about 4 or 5 hangers on that I know won't make it into my sophomore year. I got sick. I've self diagnosed myself (with the help of google) with bronchitis and I've been pretty much coughing and unable to breathe since Tuesday. The good doctor told me to go get meds...but I am strongly averse to medicine. I literally have to be in serious pain/need. Otherwise I tough it out. My person listened to graphic accounts of phlegm decoding, Jewels sent me well wishes, and Brit noted that I don't need a husband to get soup because she would make me some (as she has before...and sidebar I always whine about needing a husband when I get sick).  Unfortunately none of the people checking on me were actually here and able to really check on me. And while I realize I am being a bit of a brat, isn't it just the nice thing to do? To visit or at least text a sick friend and offer soup and crackers? I didn't want it from anyone here and I didn't get it. Talk about bittersweet. So I asked Person, do I need better friends? To which she admitted asking herself that often. Yet another vote for reasons a husband is cool...built in playmate! But I know how this goes...being the 3rd time sophomore that I am going to be...I know sometimes its a lonely road and sometimes the people who lift you can only be present in spirit. And I do have people here. I just can't expect them to be like my best friends. Those are rare gems. Unfortunately I only know how to be a best friend...isn't that typical at my age? Maybe its not...but I wish it were.