Yesterday was Valentine's day and so its really not surprising that chocolate was on the lips (and hips) of many, self included.  I was leaving class last night and I found myself waiting for a classmate of mine to leave the room, when she did I touched her shoulder and told her how pretty she is.  Now, I could attempt to describe her but I won't--just know that in my humble opinion she is stunningly beautiful.  Being the me that I am, I told her just that and of course she was taken aback.  She remarked she felt the same way about me especially with my new hair.  (I haven't worn my actual hair out all year because I've been trying to leave it to grow, yesterday I returned to my curls). We walked out in a group and we were discussing the things that came up in class when a friend turned to me and says, "I don't know what it is about you; but when you speak..." and her voice trailed off. I locked eyes with Michelle and laughed, rolling my eyes and thinking "here we go again!"  If you recall last semester I got this treatment often, it was highly uncomfortable but I have been trying to be better at being gracious.  Anyway, so I kinda laughed it off until she continued, "...when you speak its like chocolate," and the girl, the beautiful girl, agreed.  And though it may not make a lick of common sense in that moment we all understood one another.

Before we departed the Beauty said to me, "I think it is your authenticity.  That is what makes your voice special and that is why people like to listen to you."  I told her I attributed the trait to my training as a counselor and subsequently learning how to listen. And she said, maybe its a skill or maybe its a gift.  She gets me.


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