I am. I feel. I do. I love. I speak. I see. I understand.

I have been a different me lately.  It's like I woke up that day.  What day was it again?  Oh right..that day on the plane.  The day I felt the fireworks.  I still feel the warmth of that day. It is orange and yellow, like the robe of a Tibetan monk, like the ones I saw eating there after the Inter faith mass.  I still feel as weightless and as light, what do you call fire in the air? I sat with my decision to go to Sri Lanka and the more people asked me about it the more I felt okay with the truth of the matter; it felt right.  Simple as that, does there ever need to be more of an explanation than that?  To whom is something better owed?

Reb was talking about going to bikram and it was perhaps the first time I ever really heard her invitation to join.  One hundred and five degrees...I heard her and I considered it because quite honestly, if I do it there that may be what it feels like.  So I decided to try it.  The hot sweaty mind bender that seems to encapsulate so many will have a crack at me on monday.

Today I went to the ocean and I walked inside the island's trading company. I found a chakra scroll and wanted to buy it but thought I could probably find them anywhere, plus there was not a sales person nor price tag in sight.  Then I saw them. The earrings that made me think of her and the conversation and the day and everything all at once. I wanted them more than I've wanted anything in a long time.  I wondered if they were worth it. I wondered if I should spend the money.  I hesitated and decided to walk away.  Silver from Thailand. Shaped like flames.  Seventy-five dollars that I would have to save from another pay check until...

Walking down to the beach I found a street, Flora ave.  I remembered Flora and Fauna, the twins from the Babysitters club. The story from the Sri Lankan wikipedia page.  It was as if the universe smiled back at me.  And then the two most precious little girls sold me a fifty cent cup of the worst lemonade I've ever tasted, and I tipped them one dollar.  And all was well in the world.

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