Chapter 1

  • My only resolution for 2012 is to become closer to God, from that the rest will take care of itself--I made that my facebook status today and I want to work hard all year to mean it.
  • I told CleoSunshine today that all I wanted was to be fit, fine(r), and to go to homecoming as a member of Sorority X.  Why is this important? Its just the shallow musings of me.  Knowing that it will be my first real homecoming (and they are a huge deal at UT--yes I realize that most people would say that about their alma maters but I really mean it) annnnd there is still the next semester of getting ready for X, Cyprus, my class in spirituality, my new workout plan with EMM and so on. The most important of this year and my commitments will be my mornings with Him. I'm going to wake up and spend my morning sharing my thanks and gratitude.
  • Its kinda weird...I've had the feeling of wanting to write all day and now here I sit writing and I have no words.

(an hour later)

  • I told My Person today that I want my book to read like an uninterrupted conversation.  That is really the only thought I've had about it .ugh maybe i'll try again tomorrow
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