Of beauty, and pleasure

I've been thinking about this island...its her island. Her birthplace. But before that, in my class small group we had to give imagery/descriptions to everyone on our final night. My images were: a lion, symbols, spiritual, regal, and a goddess. Krae was actually the one to say I was a goddess to her and its stuck with me. Mostly because I love them. Goddesses. I like the idea of standing for something. Being the embodiment of some great thing.So I've been thinking about this island. Whose island it is and what she stood for, what she embodied. All the beautiful things in this world are of her, of Him (god), of her (the universe). One in the same just depends on what you're looking for. Her siren call is like a lullaby rocking me to sleep at night and echoing through my dreams.

Day2DayJess J.Comment