Careful prayers

Key: My mama falls asleep on the phone with my dad every night while he's at work... That's love 18 years strong

Jess J: How sweet!

Key: Girl it is! I hear him still talking on the other line and she is GONE lol! Whuppp she's up again lol They're so cute

Jess J: see. One day ima love my husband. Man, Key made me think about this husband ima have/hold/love one day. Let me pray my prayer bc he prayed for me earlier.

Key:  AMEN! Lemme pray for mine too lol

It made me think...about what I pray for and how I pray for it.  It made me think of how when I speak, even to God I am so limited to what I know and to be quite honest I do not want anything that I know.  I want something better, something or someone rather of God that has been patient and praying for me the same way I've been praying for him.  Today CR asked me what I meant when I said the word "spiritual" I said a belief of something bigger than myself, a guiding force.  Is that all though? There are two trips coming.  One is to Cyprus to study how meditation and spirituality helped to stop both Greek and Turkish "ethnic cleansing" aka genocide on the island.  The other is to Sri Lanka to study how Dr. Ari united two warring villages using the guiding principles of Buddhism, philosophically not religiously.  This relates because...well because I never would have prayed for Cyprus, or Sri Lanka I never would have prayed for USD or San Diego because my vision is limited but He is omnipotent...this is why we pray (or are told to pray) Thy will be done.  I don't want what I know.  I want something better.  Something from Him.