Expensive Taste

My dad used to always tell me I had the most expensive taste, and that if he showed me 50 pair of sunglasses I would undoubtedly pick out the priceiest pair.  Now that is totally not my fault.  I blame my mother, lol.  So yesterday Fenway and I were on a mission to A) eat and B) drink while watching football.  My kinda lady.  After stopping for a pizza at Filippi's Pizza Grotto  in Little Italy we headed over to Gaslamp to meet up with friends (who ditched us) and somehow through the grace of all good things we ended up at Wet Willie's.  Now, I just wanted a chocolate thunder and to watch the LSU/Oregon game but when I walked in I was greeted with the most GORGEOUS bartender I've ever seen.  I kept giggling and started texting my friends talking about how sexy he was when CleoSunshine was like, "Girl, take a picture!!!" So I did! here's the picture I snuck (left) I mean he's hot right?  So Fenway says to send her the picture so she can show her roommate. Her roommate response with "WILL! That's Will Demps, isn't he hot?" Now...if you are unfamiliar let me just...yeah...and after a quick google session we discovered he owned the place, was a retired NFL baller, and went to State.  Well damn, my expensive taste strikes again! After I asked him what his name was, and he said with a smile (sans dimple) "Will" added with google images and the fact that Fenway's roommate is the child of an NFL doctor so she knows a lot of players, we were pretty sure that the evidence was clear.  Talk about striking gold. Now, when I got back home we met up with our friend Twin all about it and she was super jealous that we had not invited her on our excursion.  We tried to explain to her that it was completely accidental and we didn't even know he was "anybody" I just knew he was gorgeous and couldn't stop flirting with him.  We ended up going 3 drinks down just because the game was still going on, and he stayed pretty close the whole time, I guess we are a fun pair.  We didn't mention anything about what we found out, mostly because that's just weird, right? And we plan on going back, because its such a fun place to chill out (literally).

I gotta say I am really enjoying myself here in San Diego.  My friendships are starting to take shape and I like where that is going.  I still feel this weird feeling when I meet someone (with the exception of Twin) who says they are married and they're around my age.   Its not quite jealousy, and its not quite disgust, its a weird fusion of the two LOL...I guess I just assume that when people get married they aren't fun anymore.  Mostly because that has been my experience with few exception.  They become very serious and "adult" and I just have no interest in that.  What sucks is when I initially think people are cool then they say they're married its kind of like a "whomp whomp whooooooomp" I become completely disinterested in them.  I'll work on my prejudice.  I will.

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